Our associate training program is a 2 week-long, on the job learning experience covering dog behavior, job safety, and client happiness!


Each associate is background checked and we reserve the right to randomly drug screen at any time!


Member feedback is the primary driver we use to make staffing decisions. Quickly leave a satisfaction survey for each service to let us know how we're doing! 


Zen Dog utilizes powerful GPS Technology to generate high-accuracy tracking information for each and every service.



Chat directly with your dog walker about important daily tasks on any device! Receive beautiful photos of your dog and service notes with every appointment.

Safety & Security

Safety is our number one priority.

Our walkers are trained in proper handling techniques and equipped with custom made safety belts that fasten to your dog's leash with a professional grade twist lock carabiner!


GPS verified arrival/departure time stamps, check-list of important tasks, and notifications via push, email, and text.


Trek & PLAY

Leader of the Pack

Our pack leaders are highly trained and equipped with the skills necessary to handle a pack of dogs in an off-leash setting and navigate Westchester's nature trails.

All Weather

We take our jobs very seriously because we know you rely on us. Even in the worst of weather Zen Dog provides emergency service for those in need!

Our transport vehicles are equipped with remote control technology enabling us to...

Zen dog transport

  • Constantly monitor our team's driving performance

  • Control the cabin's temperature

  • Safely secure the cabin while picking-up and dropping-off

Learn more about DroneMobile


DOG traininG


We believe that most behavioral issues stem from a breakdown in communication between human and canine.


As a student of the Zen Dog philosophy you will gain the discipline to maintain a calm and assertive energy while commanding respect and obedience from your dog.

Regimen & Equipment

We understand the importance of owner involvement in the training process and strive to develop a unique training regimen based on your individual goals, boundaries, and limitations. 


We recommend a variety of training tools designed to enhance the effectiveness of the techniques you will learn.


Zen Dog Members enjoy access to unlimited phone support!



Exclusive Member Benefit

Our team of professional pet sitters are on call and especially reserved for

Zen Dog members!

Comfort & Convenience

After years of working in kennel environments, experiencing first-hand the high levels of stress and anxiety that boarding facilities create, we decided to do things differently.


In-home pet sitting minimizes stress for dogs and owners alike.


Consider the following benefits:

  • Keep your pets, home, and belongings secure and insured under Zen Dog's care.

  •  Dogs find comfort in the familiar. Leave your dog in the luxurious routine of your home environment.

  • While we love our dogs, we don't discriminate against other house pets or plants. We can take care of the entire estate while you are away.

Make your pet sitting reservations any time, any place, with our mobile app.



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